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Club Merchandise

A wide range of ARC clothing, uniform & merchandise is available for purchase both directly from the Club or from our suppliers. Purchasing the merchandise to wear at regattas, training or down to the local shops is a great way of promoting Adelaide Rowing Club and showing pride in our great Club. The majority of the clothing follows the design of the training zooties and original ARC cycling tops with one horizontal strip in each of the Club's colours with the Club crest on the front.

To check out and purchase items directly from the Club, please contact the Secretary via for a list of available items. 

The Club's racing uniform is available by direct order from Simply Oarsome. Visit to obtain a quote for a rowing 'zoot' suit or singlet top.

A wide range of ARC branded items including rugby tops, cycling jerseys, hoody's singlets, polo shirts and shorts can also be ordered directly from Sports Centre. Go to to see the range that they have to offer.

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