Youth Development 2022

ARC School Leaver and Winter Rowing 2022

Adelaide Rowing Club supports rowers at all levels of ability from our Learn-to-Row program, Masters and Social rowers, through to Senior rowers who aim to compete competitively in local, interstate, and National competitions. We also have a number of athletes currently resident in the National Training Centres in Canberra and Penrith, training towards glory in the World Cup and World Championship regattas.

Our School Winter Program is designed to complement school rowing programs and enable school aged rowers to continue training through the winter months and develop their rowing ability both in sculling and sweep. While our School Leaver Program looks to introduce Year 12’s to a club training environment where they can be supported towards their rowing goals; whether it be rowing socially and competing at local regattas, medalling at State Championships, racing for South Australia in the State Team, or looking towards entering SASI and elite pathways.

Both programs are offered as part of our $250 School Leaver and Winter Rowing Fee, which includes coaching, equipment use, boat transport, Rowing SA Winter Series Registration, and is redeemable on your 2022/23 Adelaide Rowing Club Full Member Registration (valid October 2022-September 2023).

Programs offer participants the opportunity to train 2 or more times a week throughout the winter period both on and off the water with a wide variety of athletes. Participants will can also participate in the Rowing SA Winter Series Regattas and continue to complete for ARC into the summer season (if they wish). Further information regarding what the training times, locations, foci and opportunities given to rowers at different levels are outlined below.

At ARC we not only look for those with natural rowing ability, but those who will be good club members and exhibit a passion for the sport. This can be shown in their commitment to training, respect towards the club, equipment, competitors, and each other, and supportive and positive attitudes. We always aim to foster a positive and supportive training environment which enables athletes to reach their full potential.

If you believe that this program is for you (or your child) then please complete the registration of interest form attached and we will circulate further information to you following the completion of Head of the River including the date and time of our induction evening.

Please note: that ARC prides itself on providing opportunities for all, so those individuals who wish to be accelerated or participate at a lower level may do so – upon negotiation.

Year 9’s

Training Period: Term 2 Week 3 to Term 3 Week 6
Training Location:  Gym ARC Torrens River Boatshed
Water ARC West Lakes Boatshed
Training Time Gym – Tuesday and Thursday afternoons 4.15pm-4.45pm

Water – Sunday 8.00am-10.00am

Training Goals: Gym – Functional movement and basic resistance training.
Water – Sculling technique.

Participants will train both on and off the water with an emphasis on sculling and developing rowing fitness. Opportunities will also be given to learn / develop sweep rowing throughout the program.

Years 10s,11s & 12s

Training Period: Term 2 Week 3 to Term 3 Week 6
Training Location:  Water – ARC West Lakes boatshed
Gym – ARC Torrens boatshed
Training Time: Water – Wednesday 5.30am – 7.30am
Sunday 8.00am-10.00am
Gym – Tuesday & Thursday 4.15pm – 5.45pm
Training Goals: Development of sweep rowing

Participants will focus on sweep rowing and given the opportunity to develop their skills in fours and eights as they transition into Senior rowing.


Further Information

For further information contact the Captain -Ella Bramwell at

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